Monday, April 10, 2017

April 2017 Meeting Minutes

PTC Meeting April 5th, 2017


New Ideas/Concerns:

·         Tiffany asked if the PTC would like to have a nacho cheese dispenser that she has. She would like to try it out at the Student/Faculty basketball game.

·         April asked if the PTC would be interested in purchasing the poster size sign holders that she used during the Trolls Movie Night. After the cost raffle items and materials we still raised $40.

·         Mary mentioned the idea of having a theme with parent helpers for next year’s art work fundraiser. Jeanna will reach out to Pam.

·         Jeanna will work with Tina to get the books done and have an up to date Treasury report for next meeting.

Box Tops:

·         Kathy has a $649 check

Garden Committee Presentation:

·         Sat April 29th 9-12 the raised beds will be put in with parent and student volunteers. The fence will be put in the following weekend.

·         The committee has asked for $700 to help support this project. After some discussion about the benefits this program will have on our school and community the PTC decided to donate $1000.

·         The committee has plans to have a food pantry this summer, Story Walk, etc. They are receiving support from the University of Maine as well as other businesses in the community.

Book Fair:

·         Raised $2980.73! This is about $800 more than we made last year. This money is split between the Library and PTC leaving us with approximately $1400. There were 11 parent/teacher volunteers this year. A HUGE thank you to all of you who made this year a success!

·         Mary suggested a fundraiser for next year at Woodman’s that would provide funds to both Orono and Old Town schools for children who cannot afford books.

·         The Summer Camp fair was a success. Mrs. Mitchell would like to do this again next year with a possible location change (hallway) as well as providing vendors with snacks/water.

·         Next year would like to consider the need for the desserts.

Family Dance (5th Grade Concessions):

·         There was a good turnout. The high school students did great.

·         5th grade parents sold pizza, toasted cheese, and chop suey. Made $251.

·         One parent suggested for next year hiring a gentleman named Caleb who DJ’s for a donation to Walk for a Cure.

Teacher Appreciation Week (May8-12):

·         There will be a meeting on April 19th at 6pm. Contact Tiffany or Susan if you would like to see what you can help out with. Flyers will be going home soon requesting supplies.

Pancake Breakfast (May 31st):

·         Would like to review order to make sure we don’t have too much food.

Art Fair (June 2nd):

·         Will need parent volunteers to take care of food/water. Also, will need parent to collect money for art this year. Charice is catering this event. PTC is paying for all of the food this year.

Margaritas Fundraiser (June 14th-tenative):

·         Betsy will help Kristin and April with W9 and Tax Exempt form. Need to submit request online now.


Next Meeting May 3, 2017

Will be cut to 30 minutes due to Open House at LMS