Monday, April 10, 2017

April 2017 Meeting Minutes

PTC Meeting April 5th, 2017


New Ideas/Concerns:

·         Tiffany asked if the PTC would like to have a nacho cheese dispenser that she has. She would like to try it out at the Student/Faculty basketball game.

·         April asked if the PTC would be interested in purchasing the poster size sign holders that she used during the Trolls Movie Night. After the cost raffle items and materials we still raised $40.

·         Mary mentioned the idea of having a theme with parent helpers for next year’s art work fundraiser. Jeanna will reach out to Pam.

·         Jeanna will work with Tina to get the books done and have an up to date Treasury report for next meeting.

Box Tops:

·         Kathy has a $649 check

Garden Committee Presentation:

·         Sat April 29th 9-12 the raised beds will be put in with parent and student volunteers. The fence will be put in the following weekend.

·         The committee has asked for $700 to help support this project. After some discussion about the benefits this program will have on our school and community the PTC decided to donate $1000.

·         The committee has plans to have a food pantry this summer, Story Walk, etc. They are receiving support from the University of Maine as well as other businesses in the community.

Book Fair:

·         Raised $2980.73! This is about $800 more than we made last year. This money is split between the Library and PTC leaving us with approximately $1400. There were 11 parent/teacher volunteers this year. A HUGE thank you to all of you who made this year a success!

·         Mary suggested a fundraiser for next year at Woodman’s that would provide funds to both Orono and Old Town schools for children who cannot afford books.

·         The Summer Camp fair was a success. Mrs. Mitchell would like to do this again next year with a possible location change (hallway) as well as providing vendors with snacks/water.

·         Next year would like to consider the need for the desserts.

Family Dance (5th Grade Concessions):

·         There was a good turnout. The high school students did great.

·         5th grade parents sold pizza, toasted cheese, and chop suey. Made $251.

·         One parent suggested for next year hiring a gentleman named Caleb who DJ’s for a donation to Walk for a Cure.

Teacher Appreciation Week (May8-12):

·         There will be a meeting on April 19th at 6pm. Contact Tiffany or Susan if you would like to see what you can help out with. Flyers will be going home soon requesting supplies.

Pancake Breakfast (May 31st):

·         Would like to review order to make sure we don’t have too much food.

Art Fair (June 2nd):

·         Will need parent volunteers to take care of food/water. Also, will need parent to collect money for art this year. Charice is catering this event. PTC is paying for all of the food this year.

Margaritas Fundraiser (June 14th-tenative):

·         Betsy will help Kristin and April with W9 and Tax Exempt form. Need to submit request online now.


Next Meeting May 3, 2017

Will be cut to 30 minutes due to Open House at LMS


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 2017 Meeting Minutes

Introductions – Welcome all!

New Ideas or Concerns:

1) Will be providing a summer camp fair during the book fair (book fair has a camping theme)

2) OTES garden work day on April 29th – look for an announcement to get involved! Renee St. Peter will attend the next PTC meeting to describe the garden plan.

Box Tops: Just sent in $650 worth of box tops. Looking for another person to take over the Box Top redemption. This is an opportunity to volunteer from home! If you are interested, please contact Kathy Cummings.

Movie Night: March 3rd – still looking for volunteers!

Book Fair: March 16th  – 22nd with Family Night on March 21st. Sign up for volunteering should be sent this weekend. This year there will be a photo booth.

Family Dance Night: March 31st, concessions will be sold to support he 5th grade celebration. The dance will be held from 6-8 PM.

Teacher Appreciation at OTES: May 8th – 12th, will look into possible food donations

Pancake Breakfast: May 31st

Art Fair: June 2nd, will be looking for volunteers to help with taking payments for the art.

Margaritas Fundraiser: Date may need to change – stay tuned!

Next Meeting: April 5, 2017 at 6:00 PM



Friday, February 10, 2017

February 2017 Meeting Minutes

OTES PTC Meeting

February 1, 2017


New Ideas: Movie night – will check to see if we still have a license to show a current movie. Another idea is to offer a concert (Rick Charette) in collaboration with the Old Town Library. Will consider the week of June 5th and a decision will be made next month.

Behavior Committee: Maggie Mitchell provided an overview of the committee, the purpose, and current work. There is both a K-12 committee and an RSU K-5 behavior committee.  

Playground Equipment Update: Dr. Tuell received a quote to replace some playground equipment that is a hazard: $4200. Those in attendance approved to move forward and replace the broken equipment.

Box Tops: No update. Also discussed the Coca-Cola rewards will be changing. Decided to wait and see what the new program will be and will decide to either continue or discontinue in June. Tyson also has a rewards program. Will work to promote this program too.

Talent Show: Held January 27th, concessions earned $180 to support the 5th grade celebration.  

Book Fair: March 16 – 22 with the family night on March 21st.

Family Dance: March 31st, concessions will support the 5th grade celebration.

Pancake Breakfast: May 31st

Teachers vs. 5th Graders Basketball Game: April 11th (benefits 5th grade celebration)

Margaritas Fundraiser: Usually held the last day of school. Kristen and April will work on this.


Next Meeting: March 1, 2017



Sunday, January 15, 2017

January Meeting Minutes

OTES PTC Meeting

January 4, 2017


Box Tops: Over $1500 raised. Red community won this time.


Puppet Show: Was held December 9, 20016. Attendance was lower than expected. Discussed whether to offer the movie night next year and maybe sponsor the Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers for the students during the school day.


T-Shirts: PTC Volunteer t-shirts are available - $10


Talent Show: Tryouts are January 13, 2017, show is January 27th, 6-8 pm. Concessions will benefit the 5th grade end of year celebration.


Family Dance: Tentatively scheduled for: February 3rd. Key Club students usually come to help out with the dance. Concessions will benefit the 5th grade end of year celebration.


50-50 Raffle – Scheduled for February 10th. Will postpone for a later date.


Book Fair: March 16-22 and the family night is scheduled for March 21. Will plan on offering a summer camp fair on the same time as the family night.


Laminators purchased along with laminating sheets and will be distributed to teachers when they arrive.


Will replace the climbing wall (for the 3rd – 5th grade playground).


Reminder: Looking for volunteers to help on Friday mornings to help teachers prepare for class activities.


Next Meeting: February 1, 2017, 6-7 PM



Friday, December 9, 2016

December 2016 Meeting Minutes

OTES PTC Meeting

December 7th, 2016    

Opening: Vicki Wilcox – Guidance Counselor – Vicki presented on the new curriculum she is using in guidance this year. This is the curriculum that they are using at the middle school and will be a good transition for 5th grade students. She showed us a short video clip and some of the other tools that she uses in the classroom. In addition, Vicki has started a Civil Rights Team that is going well. Jeanna recognized Vicki for all of her efforts here at OTES, she has helped to create a safe place for students, teachers, and families.

New Idea: Kiersten O’Brien is a Doterra representative and reached out to Mrs. Talon about possibly teaming up with the PTC for an event. Mrs. Talon has asked Kiersten to put it on paper and she would bring it to a future meeting. All in favor of hearing more about this.
Box Tops: Kathy deposited a check for $1900 from Box Tops. AWESOME!  

Online Auction: We raised $4214.50! Kathy wanted us to discuss ideas for how to spend this money. We voted yes to pursuing new laminators, both for large and personal use. There was an inquiry to the status of the playground – specifically the climbing wall. Jeanna has reached out to several reps and is still working on this. Playground equipment (balls, jump ropes, etc) has been purchased already. However, we would like to revisit this in the Spring.

Governor's: We raised $344 this year. Seemed to go well.  

Holiday Bazaar: Concessions raised $366. Seemed to go over very well. Would like to clarify on advertising that it is free entry. The kids table went over very well and the traffic was consistent. People think that advertising helped significantly this year.

Puppet Show: Looking for more people to help serve popcorn and water. Marion Talon and Kelly Berube both signed up. Donation boxes are ready.

Art Fair: It was brought to our attention that other schools do not want to pay for the food at the Art Fair. The cost in past years has been ~$800. There was some concern that if we paid for it this year that it may become expected of us in the future. Some felt that where it is a K-12 District Wide event that all schools should contribute to some extent. The decision was made that we would pay for the food with the understanding that we would be cutting back to include fruit tray, veggie tray, and desserts.

Basketball Concessions: This is a 5-week commitment. If this was something that we wanted to continue to do more parents would need to come forward to volunteer. We made ~$1000  last year. Many people donated items, but not many were able to give their time. Heidi suggested that the Girl Scouts could take over this year with the understanding that they would provide their own equipment. They could use our old hot dog steamer. We will revisit this next year.

Talent Show: January 27th Try Outs will be January 19th. Jeanna will need a couple parents to help with this.

PTC Members Facebook Page: We decided to remove this from the agenda. Parents who initially made the suggestion have not been present. We feel that the Facebook events paired with the RSU 34 Facebook page, and blog are sufficient at this time.

5th Grade Celebration: Denise will begin recruiting parents after Holiday Break. They will send out a One Call to all 5th Grade Parents.  

T-Shirts: Shirts are in! Denise ordered a couple extra medium, large, and extra large. If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt, contact Denise at

Next Meeting: January 4, 2016


“Work Hard and Be Kind”




Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Upcoming Events

Annual Online Auction
November 28th bidding opens at 5am and closes on December 2nd at 5pm
 Follow the link below to create a sign in and for a complete list of items available-
 5th Annual Holiday Bazaar
December 3rd 9-2
Contact Tiffany Curtis-Palmer at if interested in purchasing a space
Volunteers needed - We are looking for help with concessions, set up and take down at this event. Please follow the link below for a list of volunteer opportunities-

Friday, November 4, 2016

November 2016 Meeting Minutes

OTES PTC Meeting

November 2nd, 2016    

New Idea: Dr. Tuell asked if we would like to have Vikki Wilcox come in next month to talk to us about the New Guidance Curriculum. She will be coming to our December meeting.
New Idea: April suggested we try providing childcare similar to how the Riverside Dance program does it at the high school. Parents could notify April by noon the day of our meetings to let us know if they will need childcare and April could arrange it with the students from UMaine.  The concern was that college students were taking the time to provide childcare, but we rarely needed it. This way, the students would only come when they were needed and we would still able to offer childcare to parents.  

Box Tops: Kathy gave Dr. Tuell report. We were just shy of $1500. Postage reimbursement was also submitted and approved.  

Online Auction: Annual event. Bidding begins the end of November, winners announced at the Holiday Bazaar in December. Looking for a variety of donations to be included in the auction. Please contact Kathy if you have any ideas. We upgraded to 200 items for $160. Teachers are going to be submitting artwork from their classes to be auctioned off.

Fall Fundraiser: We raised $3600, which is consistent with what we have done in previous years. Last year we did a blanket letter giving the parents the opportunity to make a one-time donation instead of purchasing items from the fundraiser. Would like to keep this in mind for next year. We arranged for parents to help sort through the items when they are delivered. We also set up two times that parents could pick up their items – Nov 15th 3-5 and Nov 16th 2-4. Notice will go home to families.

Ice Cream Social: Went over very well. Would like to keep it in the fall for next year as well.

Governor's: November 15, 2016 from 4-8 PM Governors will donate 10% of all sales and will provide two $50 gift cards for OTES PTC to raffle off. Maggie will share Facebook event on RSU 34 page.

Holiday Bazaar: December 3, 2016 from 9 AM to 2 PM. Still accepting applications for vendors. Tiffany brought one of the signs she had made. They look great! It was $76 for four signs. Tiffany spoke on the advertising she has been working on. Heidi and Tiffany will get Volspot together for concessions. Lynn would like to have a table to sell the books left over from the Author Visit, with proceeds going to the library.

Puppet Show: Date confirmed: December 9, 2016 at 6 PM. Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Will be asking for a suggested donation to benefit and local charity.

T-Shirts: Denise took a few orders for PTC t-shirts. If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt, contact Denise at Will create separate blog post with this information.

PTC Members Facebook Page: Tabled for next meeting as those that made suggestion were not present.

Talent Show: January 27th, 2017 – Dr. Tuell will be looking for parent volunteers to help the day of the show. Will discuss more as the event gets closer.

Pancake Breakfast: We were asked to change the date because June 2nd is the same day as the 4th Grade Augusta field trip. A couple dates were discussed – June 1st and May 31st. We settled on May 31st for now where June 1st is the tentative 5th Grade Celebration date. Will need to touch base with Kate Yerxa to make sure this works for her.

Next Meeting: December 7, 2016


“Work Hard and Be Kind”