Thursday, December 17, 2015

Online Auction, Holiday Bazaar, and Movie Night GREAT Successes!

The ONLINE Auction raised about $3,000 for our school and will be used to support many field trips, activities, and teacher requests. Thank you for your support.

The Holiday Bazaar also was a great event. We had over 35 vendors at this event and many people were able to get their shopping started for the holiday season.

Movie Night, with two movies shown was also a lot of fun for our students and families. We try to use this night as a celebration of all the events parents and students have supported throughout the fall as a THANK YOU for your continued help to make our school GREAT!

Coming Up:
PTC meeting January 6, 2016
Talent Show: February 5, 2016

Thursday, December 3, 2015

December PTC Meeting Minutes

Box Tops update $978.30
Fall fundraiser $4,195.07
We will go back to using Charleston Wrap next year, better results.
Margarita’s Night $250.86
Robotics concessions about $1,700.00. If done again we may want to get the food a little earlier; people were hungry about 10:30.
Bazaar --35 vendors have signed up for December 5
DD will supply munchkins and coffee for vendors
McDonald’s mugs to sell---more details to come
Movie Night Dec. 11 Frosty and the Grinch; doors open at 5:30 movie starts at 6:00. We will serve popcorn and cocoa.
Future Events: 

Feb. 15 Texas Roadhouse Night. This is a new night for us; they provide their own flyers. They have offered a table to do raffle baskets (lotion basket and date night).
Bugaboo Creek has an offer for donating $10.00 for every $150.00 spent at their restaurant (customers must mention the school’s name when they go in to get this offer).
Feb. Talent show (tentative Feb. 5)
Book Fair March 17-23 with a family night on the 22.
Ice cream social May 26
March 27 Family Dance Night
June 2 for pancake breakfast (Thursday) Ask Kate Yerxa if she would like to help again.
The members expressed the need for new members to help spread out some of the many tasks that we do each year.  We brainstormed how to get out the word of all the great things we do and how they can participate. Dr. Tuell is going to send out a survey monkey to get some thoughts on the idea.
Next Meeting: 
January 2 at the Elementary School. 6-7:00 All are welcome.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Online Auction and the Holiday Bazaar Coming

The Online Auctions Starts Soon:
Our auction URL is This site will go live for bidding November 30th at 6 am and close on December 4th at 5 pm. Items can be picked up on December 5th at our Holiday Bazaar from 9 am to 1 pm.

Don't forget to visit our Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, December 5th from 9am to 2 pm. Lots of holiday shopping can be taken care of right here! We have a children's art table to entertain the students while you shop.

Monday, November 9, 2015

PTC meeting minutes November 2015

Fall fundraiser should bring about $3,898.42. Pick up for items is on November 12 from 2:30-7:00. Betsy, Jeanna and Tina will be covering those times.
Paint and chat had between 19-20 people; everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It brought in app. $414.00. Plans to do it again after the holidays is in the works.
Margarita’s Nov.10 4-7.
Nov. 21 Robotics Meet app. 500 people 10:30 or 11:00 start time for lunch and goes until 4:00 with Texas Roadhouse catering. Get plates; we have napkins and silverware in ptc closet. Menu is pulled pork sliders, finger food. Have not determined price of the meal yet; we need to see the full menu first. Might have hot dogs, chips, popcorn as well. Drinks.
November 22 a free community meal at OTES with the University.
November 30 at 6:00 a.m. the on-line auction will start for a week. We have some great items to offer. Pick up for items will be at the Bizarre.
Bizarre (19-20) tables; could use a few more. Card making table, set up Friday night and do concessions will be volunteer items coming up on Vol Spot.
Movie night Dec.11 5:00 Classic movies. Sprague’s tree, snacks (chex mix or popcorn), movie, cocoa will be served.
Art Fair in June will be in need of our help.
Box Tops $980.00 was sent in this last time.

Next Meeting:   Dec. 2, 2015

Thursday, October 8, 2015

PTC Minutes from October 7, 2015

Texas Roadhouse presented many of the options for fundraising for our group to consider. They even provided some sample snacks for tasting. The group decided to have a Texas Roadhouse Night on February 15th. We will send out flyers to our students so they can distribute to their family and friends.  Texas Roadhouse will be helping provide the food for our Robotics event at OTES and they would sell Texas Roadhouse gift cards at the Holiday Bazaar. They also provided many incentives for the classroom teachers to use in their classrooms or for Student of the Month Awards.

Tina DeMerchant reported the group sold about $600 worth of food and Tim Horton Cups at Riverfest. The group decided to distribute the remaining Tim Horton Cups to the Teachers on Friday, October 9th.  Tina asked the group if wanted to continue with the Tim Horton Cups. Debbie Emery, parent and co-worker at McDonald's had an alternative idea to consider. McDonald's would sell coffee mugs for our school and the coffee fill up would be .50 for a lifetime!!! The group thought this would be a good opportunity. Debbie will pursue the purchase and report back to the group next month.

Nicole Lawson reported about the fall fundraiser. The company will do a small assembly to kick off the selling on October 9th. The fall fundraiser will run for 10 days and be distributed around the Holiday Bazaar time.

Tiffany Palmer reported about the upcoming Paint and Chat event at the Boomhouse on October 26th from 6 pm to 8 pm. This is a trial event to see if these type of activities are of interest to our parents. The first one will be taught by Valerie Wallace. There are only 25 slots available for this first event. If you are interested in participating please contact Tiffany Palmer at or call 478-8949. Dr. Tuell will include this in her weekly message.

The Holiday Bazaar will be held on December 5th from 9 am to 2 pm. Tiffany Palmer and Destiny Rand will be in charge of the Bazaar this year.

Nicole Lawson decided to take a step back from her role as Co-President of the PTC. Heidi Rackcliffe and Denise Nickerson will continue to serve as Co-Presidents for the remainder of the year.

Next Meeting will be: November 4, 2015 at 6 pm

Sunday, September 13, 2015

OTES Parent Teacher Committee
September 9, 2015
Welcome to new and old members. Here’s to a new year.
Dorothy Dawson opened up the meeting with a thank you for supporting the Robotics Club. She has offered us an opportunity for concessions on November 21 from 8-4 at the High School. The event will be the Regional Competition.  We were in agreement that this would be a good event for us to take on.  Shifts will be taken and volunteer spot donations will be set up. Lindsey is heading it up.
Volunteer slips are in the office if you would like to volunteer during school hours. Volunteer opportunities are numerous; library, Friday helpers, events, etc.
Treasurer Update (Tina) $791.00 in box tops. Keep collecting!!!!!!!!
$94.00 from Coca Cola Caps Spaghetti Dinner (September 17) 4:30-6:00 visit classroom, dinner 5-7:00. Price is donation. Raffle baskets will be offered. Set up and clean up help would be greatly appreciated. Riverfest (Sept. 26): selling Chili/Chili Dogs, drinks, etc. Volunteer Spot will be up for volunteers to bring items and to do shift work throughout the day. We will sell the Tim Horton cups ($8.00). Fall Fundraiser: Great American Opportunities. The representative will present the sale items and such to the children in Oct. There will be three pamphlets in the order. Sale dates will be mid Oct. and all items will be here before the Thanksgiving Holiday. We will make a 40% profit on all items sold.
A 1 year discount app card was in the discussion; $20.00. We would make a $10.00 profit on sales. More information to come.
Margarita’s Night is tentatively set for Veteran’s Day; not sure where it is a Wednesday night if it will work.
Kristin Bird and Adele are heading up the on-line auction. (app. $3,000.00 profit and so much fun). Teacher donations will be discussed from the classrooms.
Holiday Bazaar on Dec. 5. Tiffany and Adele will head it up. Heidi will head up the concessions part. Volunteer spot will be up for donations and help closer to the event. Some ideas were a stationary table  (25 cents a card for children to make them).
Monthly incentives for box tops; possibly an extra recess time for the community who sends in the most.
Paint/Sip: @the Boomhouse. A possible fee of 25-35 dollars that includes easel space, canvas and paints. Drinks are on your own. Different teachers to teach the class and once a month. A test class will be done in Oct. then follow up in Jan. if interest is there.
Governor’s restaurant in the spring; tie it in with the Book Fair.
Other ideas: Pie auction @Thanksgiving
Appleby’s, Texas Roadhouse or Uno’s for events.

Thanks for a great start everyone.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

First PTC Meeting of the 2015-2016 School Year

PTC News: We had a good turnout for our first PTC meeting on Wednesday night. The group discussed a variety of activities and fundraisers in the upcoming months and explored a few new options to consider. Upcoming Events included:
Riverfest: September 26
Margarita’s Night: November 11
Online Auction: Starting November 30
Holiday Bazaar: December 5
December Movie Night: December 11, considering the Frogtown Puppeteers again

New activities considered: Paint and Sip at the Boomhouse: October 26th and a new Coupon Card App for discount

If you want to support the PTC, come join the meeting or sign up to help for an event!!!
Next Meeting October 7th

Contact Nicole Lawson at

Upcoming meeting for the year:
September Meeting: Sept. 9, 2015 (not the first Wednesday because we start Sept 1)
October Meeting: Oct. 7, 2015
November Meeting: Nov 4, 2015
December Meeting: Dec 2, 2015
January Meeting: Jan 6, 2016
February Meeting: Feb 3, 2016
March Meeting: Mar. 2, 2016
April Meeting: Apr. 6, 2016
May Meeting: May 4, 2016
No meeting in June

Monday, May 4, 2015

Minutes to the April 29th Meeting

Sandy Daniels gave us a nice overview of what is to come for our new Envisions 2.0 math curriculum. Thank you to Sandy for all of her hard work this year as she piloted this program. The teachers are excited to get started.
Treasurer report: Margarita’s brought in $285.00, Governor’s $250.00 and Box Tops $1,252.00. Yeah! Thank you to those who helped out to make these events a success. Golf tournament monies brought in is an unknown for now.
The fall fundraiser will be changed next year from Charleston Wrap to the Great American Opportunities. It will feature wrapping paper, gifts and food products (Delicious Made Easy). It will have a two week turn around with 40% profit to the school. It will take place before the holidays. There will be incentives for the kids and teachers if we so choose to go in that direction.
Teacher appreciation week is set up on Volunteer Spot. Tuesday lunch and Wednesday will be the car wash. Small gifts in baskets will be available for the taking (teaching supplies). Raffles will be held.
June 15 Governor’s Night.

We will be looking for a person to take over the Holiday Bazaar for next year. Adele has offered, but would like to be a twosome with another.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Meetings for the PTC group have been set for the 2015-2016 school year. We will be meeting on the first Wednesday of every month. Our group really would like to expand our parent participation for our meetings, but also, we would love more support helping with Student Events. A list of events will be posted with the proposed dates in the upcoming blog posts:

August Meeting at the Boomhouse: August 20, 2015
September Meeting: Sept. 9, 2015 (not the first Wednesday because we start Sept 1)
October Meeting: Oct. 7, 2015
November Meeting: Nov 4, 2015
December Meeting: Dec 2, 2015
January Meeting: Jan 6, 2016
February Meeting: Feb 3, 2016
March Meeting: Mar. 2, 2016
April Meeting: Apr. 6, 2016
May Meeting: May 4, 2016
No meeting in June

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Visiting Author Lynn Plourde and Illustrator Russ Cox to Visit

This is the annual author visit sponsored by the PTC!!! We are excited to two incredible author/illustrators join us on May 5 and 6th. We know the students are excited too!

Here is a link to the book order form for your child to purchase one of the many books by these people:
Please print off and send back to school for your book (The order form is being sent home today) ---Make sure if you want the book signed, you write with very clear handwriting the message.

THANK you to the PTC for sponsoring this EVENT---All the fundraisers go to events like these in our school:)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Come to the PTC meeting on April 29th at 6:00 pm

We will discuss next year events and ideas for activities, plus plan for the upcoming Teacher Appreciation Week.

We'd love to have you!