New Entrance Procedures

Effective Monday, September 23, 2013

Old Town Elementary School will soon be making very important changes to school entrance procedures. OTES takes great pride in maintaining a welcoming school environment; however, we also have the tremendous responsibility of keeping your children safe each and every day.   Some of our procedural changes may initially cause a certain degree of inconvenience to parents and visitors.  We respectfully ask for your patience and support.   
Effective Monday, September 23, 2013, the Old Town Elementary School will be operating it’s school doorway/entrance using the following procedures:

*Our main entrance doors will be locked until 7:25a.m. when appropriate supervision begins.  Parents transporting students to school need to consider this when planning arrival times.  Students arriving earlier than 7:25a.m. should remain in their parent’s vehicle until the school opens.

*From 7:25a.m. to 8:10a.m., one door will be unlocked and our current entrance procedures will be followed (all visitors must report to the office).

*We will lock the interior entrance door at 8:10a.m.  Visitors will communicate w/office staff using the vestibule window.  Visitors with school business requiring school entrance must be signed in and assigned an ID badge by an office staff member.  Visitors may be required to display a form of photo identification.  Once this is done visitors will be buzzed into the school.

*Students arriving late will be buzzed into the school where they will enter the office, register and obtain a late slip.  Parents will remain in the vestibule.

*Parents wishing to dismiss students early will communicate this to office staff through the vestibule window.  This information will be documented and the student will be located and prepared for dismissal.  The dismissing parent will remain in the vestibule while the student is dismissed.

*At 2:00p.m., we will unlock the interior door as we begin to prepare for school dismissal.  Prior to this time, early arriving parents will not be permitted to enter the school.  The appropriate location for early arriving parents is near the benches that circle our flag pole.  The best and safest option for parents wishing to pick up their children is to arrive during our walker and pick-up dismissal between 2:15p.m. and 2:25p.m.; and, use our pick-up/drop-off lane.   Safely dismissing 550+ students at the end of each day can be chaotic.  We are hoping that your support of these changes will minimize unnecessary chaos in our school office and lobby--so our efforts can be focused on ensuring that your children are safely going to the appropriate location after school.

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