Friday, February 10, 2017

February 2017 Meeting Minutes

OTES PTC Meeting

February 1, 2017


New Ideas: Movie night – will check to see if we still have a license to show a current movie. Another idea is to offer a concert (Rick Charette) in collaboration with the Old Town Library. Will consider the week of June 5th and a decision will be made next month.

Behavior Committee: Maggie Mitchell provided an overview of the committee, the purpose, and current work. There is both a K-12 committee and an RSU K-5 behavior committee.  

Playground Equipment Update: Dr. Tuell received a quote to replace some playground equipment that is a hazard: $4200. Those in attendance approved to move forward and replace the broken equipment.

Box Tops: No update. Also discussed the Coca-Cola rewards will be changing. Decided to wait and see what the new program will be and will decide to either continue or discontinue in June. Tyson also has a rewards program. Will work to promote this program too.

Talent Show: Held January 27th, concessions earned $180 to support the 5th grade celebration.  

Book Fair: March 16 – 22 with the family night on March 21st.

Family Dance: March 31st, concessions will support the 5th grade celebration.

Pancake Breakfast: May 31st

Teachers vs. 5th Graders Basketball Game: April 11th (benefits 5th grade celebration)

Margaritas Fundraiser: Usually held the last day of school. Kristen and April will work on this.


Next Meeting: March 1, 2017