Friday, December 9, 2016

December 2016 Meeting Minutes

OTES PTC Meeting

December 7th, 2016    

Opening: Vicki Wilcox – Guidance Counselor – Vicki presented on the new curriculum she is using in guidance this year. This is the curriculum that they are using at the middle school and will be a good transition for 5th grade students. She showed us a short video clip and some of the other tools that she uses in the classroom. In addition, Vicki has started a Civil Rights Team that is going well. Jeanna recognized Vicki for all of her efforts here at OTES, she has helped to create a safe place for students, teachers, and families.

New Idea: Kiersten O’Brien is a Doterra representative and reached out to Mrs. Talon about possibly teaming up with the PTC for an event. Mrs. Talon has asked Kiersten to put it on paper and she would bring it to a future meeting. All in favor of hearing more about this.
Box Tops: Kathy deposited a check for $1900 from Box Tops. AWESOME!  

Online Auction: We raised $4214.50! Kathy wanted us to discuss ideas for how to spend this money. We voted yes to pursuing new laminators, both for large and personal use. There was an inquiry to the status of the playground – specifically the climbing wall. Jeanna has reached out to several reps and is still working on this. Playground equipment (balls, jump ropes, etc) has been purchased already. However, we would like to revisit this in the Spring.

Governor's: We raised $344 this year. Seemed to go well.  

Holiday Bazaar: Concessions raised $366. Seemed to go over very well. Would like to clarify on advertising that it is free entry. The kids table went over very well and the traffic was consistent. People think that advertising helped significantly this year.

Puppet Show: Looking for more people to help serve popcorn and water. Marion Talon and Kelly Berube both signed up. Donation boxes are ready.

Art Fair: It was brought to our attention that other schools do not want to pay for the food at the Art Fair. The cost in past years has been ~$800. There was some concern that if we paid for it this year that it may become expected of us in the future. Some felt that where it is a K-12 District Wide event that all schools should contribute to some extent. The decision was made that we would pay for the food with the understanding that we would be cutting back to include fruit tray, veggie tray, and desserts.

Basketball Concessions: This is a 5-week commitment. If this was something that we wanted to continue to do more parents would need to come forward to volunteer. We made ~$1000  last year. Many people donated items, but not many were able to give their time. Heidi suggested that the Girl Scouts could take over this year with the understanding that they would provide their own equipment. They could use our old hot dog steamer. We will revisit this next year.

Talent Show: January 27th Try Outs will be January 19th. Jeanna will need a couple parents to help with this.

PTC Members Facebook Page: We decided to remove this from the agenda. Parents who initially made the suggestion have not been present. We feel that the Facebook events paired with the RSU 34 Facebook page, and blog are sufficient at this time.

5th Grade Celebration: Denise will begin recruiting parents after Holiday Break. They will send out a One Call to all 5th Grade Parents.  

T-Shirts: Shirts are in! Denise ordered a couple extra medium, large, and extra large. If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt, contact Denise at

Next Meeting: January 4, 2016


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