Thursday, April 7, 2016

PTC meeting minutes for April 6, 2016

Old Town Elementary PTC April 6, 2016 Updates on past events or fundraising: $1,004.00 box tops $900.00 for auction next year Basketball concessions $1,200.00 Book Fair $1,300.00 (early family night was better) Family Dance $92.00 (later time works better) Margarita’s Night changed to April 30 (checking to make sure) 20% profit for PTC Teacher Appreciation Margarita’s donating lunch and paper products. 10:00 set up (upstairs and downstairs) Basant has offered 4 air pots and coffee. Water container with spouts needed (Jeanna has one and possibly another) Gift cards to raffle off and maybe small items to go with it. Pancake breakfast June 2 Art Fair –catering; get more info. From Pam Pavers- $5.00 for each sold to the PTC. Amazon Smiles – need a number set up to get it started; Tina is working on this. Charleston Wrap –sell for 2 weeks Sept. 23- Oct.5 No food items (too difficult) Paint and sip $34.95/ $10.00 to ptc. Up to 38 people. Sunday at 3:00 was suggested May 22 or June 5. Happy Meal toy items donation. Erin suggested having Scentsy parties and some proceeds go back to the school. NEXT MEETING MAY 4, 2016

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