Friday, February 5, 2016

Minutes to the PTC meeting in February

OLD TOWN ELEMENTARY PTC MINUTES FEB. 3, 2016 Pinewood Derby brought in $234.77 through concessions. (money used for fifth grade celebration) Scentsy brought in $50.00 profit. Thank you Erin. A Scentsy candle warmer was donated for the Mother’s Day basket. (fifth grade celebration) $1,700.00 in Box Tops. Labels for Education has double points in May. Coke caps will end in July so we need help entering caps. Tyson offers .24 a label. We will look further into this and put it out to parents. Presentations for PTC nights: lego robotics will be the next meeting; other ideas virtual summer school, math and step up math program. Fundraiser: The pavers at the highschool. Mr. Walker joined us to see if we would like to help with the paver project at the sports facilities. $5.00 for each paver sold. Kate Robichaud would like to start a field day event at school and was wondering if she would have parental or ptc help. She will present her ideas soon. Talent show concessions for fifth grade celebration. Feb. 5, 2016 6-8:00 Basketball concessions (fifth grade celebration) Texas Roadhouse night Feb. 15; have raffle baskets. Six tickets for $5.00. Individual containers for people to put their tickets in. Library meeting will be on Monday to talk about the Book Fair. Tina will head up Margarita’s night. Teacher Appreciation will be the big item for the next meeting. Art Fair will be discussed later; June 3. NEXT MEETING IS MARCH 2, 2016

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