Monday, May 4, 2015

Minutes to the April 29th Meeting

Sandy Daniels gave us a nice overview of what is to come for our new Envisions 2.0 math curriculum. Thank you to Sandy for all of her hard work this year as she piloted this program. The teachers are excited to get started.
Treasurer report: Margarita’s brought in $285.00, Governor’s $250.00 and Box Tops $1,252.00. Yeah! Thank you to those who helped out to make these events a success. Golf tournament monies brought in is an unknown for now.
The fall fundraiser will be changed next year from Charleston Wrap to the Great American Opportunities. It will feature wrapping paper, gifts and food products (Delicious Made Easy). It will have a two week turn around with 40% profit to the school. It will take place before the holidays. There will be incentives for the kids and teachers if we so choose to go in that direction.
Teacher appreciation week is set up on Volunteer Spot. Tuesday lunch and Wednesday will be the car wash. Small gifts in baskets will be available for the taking (teaching supplies). Raffles will be held.
June 15 Governor’s Night.

We will be looking for a person to take over the Holiday Bazaar for next year. Adele has offered, but would like to be a twosome with another.

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