Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Highlight

Spaghetti supper, treasure hunt and basket raffle was a success again this year. Over 500 people were served a delicious nutritious dinner! There was even a gluten free spaghetti option this year, to the delight of many. (THANK YOU!)

Our students had a great time hunting around searching for the hints and clues on the treasure hunt. I noticed kids challenging each other as well as big kids and little kids teaming up and devising strategy!

Always fun is the basket raffle. Mrs. Clark won the "Maine Basket" and Dr. Tuell won the "Spaghetti Basket". Thank you everyone who donated!

Grown ups had the opportunity to visit many of the classrooms. Students took advantage of the opportunity to show their work space to their adults who mean the most to them. Beaming with pride, they seem to revel in being able to show off their special grown ups, to their teachers and classmates, as well. THANK YOU TEACHERS!!

This week, your kids probably brought home the fall fundraiser.The fundraiser will run until the 8th. (one week!)

Our school has partnered with Charleston Wrap for our major fundraising campaign this year. There are over 500 high quality items to choose from and every purchase you make earns much needed money for our school. Simply click the link above or go to to shop. All items purchased will ship directly to you and there is free shipping on all orders over $75.

First, register your student and a six digit code will be automatically generated for your student to earn prizes during our fundraising campaign. 
Then click on the “SHOP NOW” button that will take you to the:   
“Choose how you would like to Assign Credit and Shop” section. If you wish to assign credit to your student, enter the six digit student code in to the ”Student & School Credit” section. If you don’t want to assign credit to a particular student, simply enter your school’s four digit ID in the “School Credit Only” section and the school will earn credit from your purchases. Our school’s/group’s four digit ID is: 7316.
You can even support the school year-round after the sale is over by simply using the four digit school ID. Our school’s/group’s four digit ID is: 7316. 

BOX TOPS!- Reminder, FALL submission for boxtops is October 31. Please return those to the school this month. Thank you!!

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